About us

AL KAWTHER STEEL AND BUILDING FACTORY is a conglomerate diversification of AL KAWTHER TRADING AND CONTRACTING COMPANY who has built its reputation in cargo and heavy equipment transport services for 25 years now.

In 2006, while in the midst of economic boom across the Middle East, AL KAWTHER STEEL AND BUILDING FACTORY is founded. A huge factory building is erected in St. 41, New Industrial Area and later equipped with modern technology machinery designed to produce high quality INSULATION PRODUCTS for the construction industry which is expected to reign in the long-run constructing modern buildings and infrastructures.

The INSULATION FACTORY commenced operations in 2007 yielding a good return in the first year, and a 133% increase in sales the following year.

With this notable high demand of building construction materials, the STEEL FACTORY is conceived and completed its erection and commissioning of modern technology machinery in December 2008. The Steel Factory is designed to produce quality STEEL BUILDING REINFORCEMENT PRODUCTS, adding a variety of saleable and in demand product line for the company.

As the company established its local market in QATAR, the management began to develop new market targeting GCC Countries in 2008. At present, the company serves numerous valued loyal customers in SAUDI ARABIA, KUWAIT, OMAN, BAHRAIN and the UAE, visioning continuous invasion in the GCC countries for the next coming years.

  • Cargo & Heavy
    Transport Service

    Extruded Polystreme

  • Expanded Polystrene

  • Welded Wire Mesh/
    Welded Steel Mesh

  • Expended Mesh
    Brick Mesh

  • Angle Bead

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